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Student Departmental Awards (since 2008)

Outstanding Teaching Graduate Student

2015: Erin Griffiths
2014: Tung Dao
2013: Liliya Besaleva, Andrew Frye, and Christopher Greenwood
2012: Adam Brady, Nathan Brunelle, and Joel Coffman
2011: Ryan Layer
2010: Kinga Dobolyi and Krasimira Kapitanova
2009: Chih-hao Shen
2008: Claire Le Goues

Outstanding Research Graduate Student

2015: Samee Zahur
2014: Tanima Dey, Jack Wadden and Wei Wang
2013: Robert Dickerson and Claire Le Goues
2012: Joel Coffman, Jason Mars, and Shahriar Nirjon
2011: Duane Merrill
2010: Michael Holroyd and Yafeng Wu
2009: Raymond Buse
2008: Anthony Wood

Outstanding Service Graduate Student

2015: Samyukta Jadhwani
2013: Karolina Sarnowska-Upton
2012: Adam Brady, Nathan Brunelle, and Joel Coffman
2011: Joel Coffman and Luther Tychonievich
2010: Marisabel Guevara, Krasimira Kapitanova and Ray Buse

Louis T. Rader Undergraduate Research Award

2015: Zeming Lin and Andi Yang
2013: Jonathan Burket and Miles Gordenker
2012: Virginia "Ginger" Smith and Rebecca Stewart
2011: Ethan Fast
2010: Ethan Fast
2009: Wolfgang Richter and David Noble
2008: Jen Dolson

Louis T. Rader Outstanding Education Undergraduate Student

2015: Jim Roberts and Wil Thomason
2014: Kevin McVey and Man Wang
2013: Rebecca Boswell and Daniel Miller
2012: Allison Light
2011: Daniel Epstein and Kaitlin “Kate” McDowell
2010: John Will
2009: Lesley Elisabeth Hogan and Wolfgang Richter
2008: George Wanant

Louis T. Rader Outstanding Service Undergraduate Student

2015: Bethany Connor
2014: Adam Campbell
2013: Matt Henderson and Chris Jones
2012: Dan Epstein
2011: Briana Satchell
2010: Chris Dodge
2009: Wolfgang Richter and Elizabeth Soechting
2008: Adrienne Felt

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