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Top Gun Speaker Series

Recognizes faculty on a trajectory to be the research leaders
of the coming decades

SPEAKER: Hillery Hunter

TOPIC: Can We Really Have That Many Bits? Memory Technology Scaling As It Collides With The Big Data Era

DATE: Wednesday, October 24, 2012

TIME: 2:00 p.m. (Light refreshments after the seminar - Rice Hall 4th floor atrium)

PLACE: Rice Hall Auditorium (Room 130)

HOST: Kevin Skadron

Abstract: As computer architecture and system design move past the initial phases of the multi-core and virtualization eras, another hurdle is arising: Big Data. Driven by ubiquitous data generation, from our smart phones and social media postings to security cameras and traffic sensors, Big Data means not just having but also analyzing large amounts of information. The workloads of this new era will add stress to the main memory system, right around the time that technology scaling encounters new hurdles. The "End of Scaling" has been declared numerous times -- is this time any different? From the lens of Big Data, this talk will take a look at memory technology scalability, discuss the opportunities of 3D stacking and new memory technologies, highlight key server requirements, and pose important areas for research in the coming era.

Bio: Hillery Hunter is the Systems Memory Strategist and Manager of the Systems Technology and Architecture Department at IBM's T.J. Watson Research Center in Yorktown Heights, NY. Her current work focuses on integrated approaches to solving the memory challenges of future computing systems, and includes collaborations from silicon technology through system software. Her work on cache power, performance, and reliability played a pivotal role in the adoption of embedded DRAM technology into IBM's 2010 chip family: the Power7 processor chip, the zEnterprise processor, and the zEnterprise L4 cache chip. Following this, from 2008-2011 Dr. Hunter served as End-to-End Power Lead for IBM's DDR3-based high-end server systems. This main memory power work has been attributed with more than $100M revenue, earning her the prestigious Outstanding-Level Research Division Award and Major Outstanding Technical Accomplishment (OTAA) awards at IBM. Dr. Hunter holds 22 patents and patents pending. In 2010, she was selected by the National Academy of Engineering for its Frontiers in Engineering Symposium, recognition as one of the top young engineers in America. She is a member of the IBM Academy of Technology.