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Computer Science Colloquia

Chris Sweeney, University of California, Santa Barbara

Friday, September 26, 2014

3:30 PM, Rice Hall, Rm. 130 (Light refreshments will be served after in Rice Hall, 4th floor atrium)

HOST: Connelly Barnes

Continuous, Dynamic Reconstruction of the 3D World


Structure from motion techniques allows us to reconstruct a 3D model of the world from public photos from a variety of sources, including Flickr, Panoramio, and Facebook. The resulting 3D model is useful for applications such as urban planning, emergency response, virtual tourism, and augmented reality. However, current models assume a static environment despite the fact that the real world is constantly changing and evolving. Updating or extending large-scale 3D models currently requires rebuilding them, which is computationally costly and not feasible when there are constant streams of updates. As a result, applications that require real-time access to the 3D models such as outdoor augmented cannot be used reliably with current structure from motion methods because the visual information may be stale.

In this talk I will review the state of the art of large scale structure from motion and discuss my current work towards creating efficient, dynamic models that can be crowd-sourced continuously at scale. First, I will present a method for calibrating unknown camera internal parameters at scale, followed by a unified formulation for expressing many image observations as one. Finally, I will explain our efficiently merging large reconstructions and our ongoing and future work.

Bio: Chris Sweeney is currently a PhD candidate in the 4 Eyes Lab at the University of California, Santa Barbara. His research interests include projective geometry, structure from motion, and augmented reality. His main research interest is in using unorganized photo collections from the internet to create a complete and up-to-date 3D representation of the physical world. Prior to joining UCSB, Chris received Bachelor Degrees in Computer Science and Mathematics at the University of Virginia. He has received an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship, a UCSB Graduate Opportunity Fellowship, a Google Outstanding Research Scholarship and a Best Paper award at the International Symposium for Mixed and Augmented Reality (ISMAR) 2012. He is currently a visiting PhD student at ETH-Zurich working in the Computer Vision and Geometry Lab under Prof. Marc Pollefeys.