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Computer Science Colloquia

Monday, April 20, 2015
Samyukta Jadhwani
Advisor: Mary Lou Soffa
Attending Faculty: Tom Horton (Chair)

9:00 AM, Rice Hall, Rm. 242

Master's Project Presentation
Value Based Testing: Beyond Structural Testing Approaches


In structural software testing, coverage criteria are used to guide the generation of test case inputs, to determine when to stop testing, and how well the software has been tested. Testers apply various coverage criteria to find software faults and gain confidence that a program is reliable when the coverage level is high. Existing approaches, such as statement coverage, branch coverage and condition coverage, focus on executing a particular kind of structure or statement at least once. The outputs of the executions are then examined to determine if the program executes correctly. The only values considered are the input and output. However, even if testing has 100% coverage, there may be program points where values are not correct or the range of values are not adequately tested. We present a novel Value Based Testing technique and coverage criteria that not only focuses on special structures but also exploits the values of variables. We show that value-based coverage can effectively reveal faults that could not be detected using structure-based testing criteria, even when the coverage is 100%.