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Prerequisite Policy

The computer science department has as one of its goals to be the top undergraduate department in the country. We expect the education we provide our majors will allow them to become technological leaders. To ensure proper preparation, we completely revamped our curriculum and have made further significant modifications to improve it.

The result is a state-of-the-art program of study that requires rigorous effort both on the part of our faculty and on our undergraduate students.

Two measures of the success of our ongoing effort are the extreme popularity of our courses and the number of schools that have incorporated our curriculum into their programs of study.

To ensure that our courses can present the required important material at the appropriate level, students must demonstrate adequate preparation to take our courses. In particular, students must meet the prerequisite requirements. Our prerequisite requirements for a given course specify both the courses that must have been previously taken along with the minimal qualifying grades in those courses. In general, the minimal qualifying grade for a prerequisite course is C-. Students not meeting the requirements for a course will not normally be permitted to enroll in that course.

Please note that for the overall good, prerequisite requirements are being strictly enforced.

For further information, please contact the Computer Science undergraduate program director.